Barcelona: Showcasing MyFarmWeb™ at the 4th Biostimulants World Congress

Justine Cullinan | 26 November 2019

Our Agri expert team headed off to Spain last week to showcase MyFarmWeb™ at this year’s Biostimulant World Congress in Barcelona.

This conference brings together specialists in the biostimulants and AgTech industries from across the world. The agriculture biostimulants and AgTech industries are growing rapidly. Many advancements are already playing important roles in plant resilience, stress management and better farm management at a stage where climate change makes farming more unpredictable. The links to precision agriculture, digital solutions and data driven decision-making were top of mind both for us and at the summit.

We had “fruitful” discussions with a number of distributors across Western and Eastern Europe and Asia with the goal of introducing MyFarmWeb™ and its related agronomy advisory services and IoT sensors to their farming customer base.

The presence of MyFarmWeb™ at the conference further strengthened the introduction of the platform and related technology to the global market.

MyFarmWeb™ utilises data to offer farmers a bird’s eye view of their farms as well as expert advice. Farmers and other stakeholders are offered scientific-based solutions for informed decision making through the power of technology in the palm of their hands. In partnership with Agri Technovation, this solution aims to support farming as a critical skill and industry in the 4IR world.