AitaHealth: 4 years and 1 million individuals registered

Casper Strydom  | 12 December 2018

On 20 August 2014 AitaHealth was launched at the Mamelodi Stanza Bopape Clinic. In attendance were 50 Community Health Workers, local government management from the City of Tshwane and the University of Pretoria: Department of Family Medicine team that co-created the mobile application with Mezzanine.

Four years later…. and the number of Community Health Workers that have been active users of AitaHealth have grown to more than 2000 in 11 districts of South Africa. These users, who have been trained on implementing Community Orientated Primary Care (COPC), recently reached the milestone of registering 1 million individuals on the AitaHealth platform.

What is AitaHealth?

AitaHealth is a mobile application used to register, screen and identify at risk individuals in their homes. The intuitive design assists Community Health Workers with decision making during the assessment and then guides them to schedule follow-up visits for all flagged health conditions. The data is available in real time to Team Leaders and health management stakeholders who use it for health intervention planning and National Department of Health indicator reporting.

The Technology & Deployment Approach

  • AitaHealth was developed by a dedicated team of software engineers using the Mezzanine Helium platform.
  • Between 2014 and 2018 there have been 467 production deployments of the AitaHealth mobile application. Maintaining the software and creating new features for users is critical to ensure relevance of the content and adoption of the service by users.
  • Mobile users can update their applications to access the latest features over-the-air.
  • The mobile application works offline with store-and-forward functionality to synchronise data when a network connection is established.
  • The data is cloud-hosted at the state of the art and secure data centre in Vodacom Business Park, Midrand. Other hosting options are also available.
  • Department of Health stakeholders can access the data using an online web portal, download data and upload that to their DHIS instance.
  • The AitaHealth platform can integrate with third-party solutions via an API integration to enable a health information exchange between different applications & services.
  • Mezzanine is ISO 27001 certified, meaning our platform is POPI compliant.
  • Vodacom is our mobile network partner in South Africa. They provide the zero-rated access to the AitaHealth mobile and web application as well as the mobile & sim support throughout the country.