Mezzanine and Agri Technovation Announces a Digital Agricultural Partnership for Africa

Casper Strydom  | 5 June 2018

Agri Technovation (AT) and Mezzanine have announced a partnership regarding AT’s proprietary MyFarmWeb platform. This platform allows farmers to easily access all their information needs in one consolidated cloud-hosted platform.

This is complemented with the MyFarmApp mobile application, allowing farmers and other stakeholders to interact with the system in the field. This partnership will put MyFarmWeb and the MyFarmApp into the hands of all farmers, big and small, in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

“Mezzanine is very excited about the MyFarmWeb product partnership and believe we can strengthen what is already a very attractive offering. Precision Agriculture, also referred to as the fourth agricultural revolution (Mechanisation, Genetics, Chemicals and Data), is data-driven with the objective of improving day-to-day decision-making, driving both efficiencies and effectiveness. This objective is well aligned with our core capabilities and focus,”

– says Jacques de Vos, CEO of Mezzanine

MyFarmWeb aggregates different data streams from various sources, including precision agriculture sensors, end user generated data, and other data pools, presented to a farmer in a simple and efficient way through a single point of entry. 

Erik de Vries, Executive Director at Agri Technovation, commented that “the partnership with Mezzanine as an Internet of Things (IoT) thought-leader in Africa, will allow MyFarmWeb users to tap into the proliferation of on-farm sensors – ranging from vehicle tracking to security; from soil moisture and soil temperature to microclimatic weather information; from water flow sensors to reservoir levels; from crop yield to quality parameters; from inventory levels to consumption rates of fuel and other inputs and into all the associated benefits and insights.”

In South Africa, Agri Technovation’s services and products are distributed exclusively through leading crop protection and nutrition dealers, Lowveld Agrochem, and in the case of KwaZulu Natal Province, Farmers Agri-Care.

“Lowveld Agrochem has been intimately involved with Agri Technovation in the development of MyFarmWeb over the past four years. We believe it is already the leading multi-crop digital agri-platform. The partnership with Mezzanine will further accelerate the rate of development and onboarding of more, and different types of data and information. MyFarmWeb is the practical implementation of Lowveld Agrochem’s Decision Farming value proposition to the South African farmer.”

– says Nick Liebenberg, Managing Director of Lowveld Agrochem

Adoption success

More than 2 700 farms in South Africa, as well as in several other countries, are already utilising the platform. MyFarmWeb‘s ease of access and functionality has proven it to be an invaluable decision support tool, enabling farmers to make faster and better decisions for more profitable and sustainable farming operations.

About Agri Technovation

Agri Technovation (Pty) Ltd. (“AT”), a frontier Agriculture company, believes that technology and innovation powered by data is the formula for the future. The core values of the company are embodied in its belief that Precision Farming is the key to natural resource management for sustainable profitability. Through their value proposition, MyFarmWeb, AT utilises data to offer farmers a birds eye view of their farms as well as expert advice. Farmers and other stakeholders on over 2700 farms are offered scientific based solutions for informed decision making. AT manufactures bespoke agricultural products and renders specialised services to various sectors in the South African agricultural landscape and abroad. AT is registered in South Africa and is a wholly privately-owned company.

About Lowveld Agrochem

Lowveld Agrochem (“LAC”) is a leading crop protection, plant nutrition, animal health and precision monitoring partner in the South African Agriculture sector, and has been assisting farmers with crop protection and yield optimisation needs for nearly 30 years.

LAC distributes crop protection products from most of the world’s leading manufacturers (Syngenta, Bayer, Dow) and are the exclusive distributor of AT’s specialsed services and products across South Africa, with an estimated 6,000 clients. LAC is wholly privately-owned company.