Mezzanine’s expertise in and commitment to data security reaffirmed

12 May 2021

Following a successful external audit, Mezzanine has been reissued a certification for ISO 27001 until June 2024.

The International Organisation for Standardization describes the ISO 27001 certification as specifying “the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system” and includes “requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks” tailored to an organisation’s needs.

As our change-making solutions continue to impact lives across the globe, we’re conscious that we’ve also become custodians of the personal data that underpins our proprietary technology. It’s no stretch to say that data is our DNA.

“This ISO 27001 re-certification has affirmed our unshakeable commitment to protecting our user privacy and data with integrity and transparency – in much the same way we operate our business,

~ said Jacques de Vos, CEO of Mezzanine.

Mike van Dijk, the external auditor who led the inquiry into Mezzanine’s information security and risk management systems, praised our responsible data practices across all project and product streams (which range from agriculture and asset management to finance and healthcare).

Protection of private data and privacy rights is enshrined in GDPR regulation and South Africa’s POPI Act, and has become minimum requirements for technology businesses offering consumer data-driven services.

Mezzanine has been leading the charge for nearly a decade in this space, aiming to be fully GDPR compliant with all current and future data protection regulations. As a result, we also warmly welcome Gareth Nell, who has been recently appointed Data Protection Officer to work with our African and European product owners to deliver this objective.